About The Convention

The idea for a Convention came about during a picnic attended by Jeparit, Lorquon and Rainbow Methodist churches at Picnic Point, Lake Hindmarsh near Jeparit. The first Convention meeting was in a Baptist Church at Peppers Plains north-west of Warracknabeal on November 14 and 15, 1937 The second Convention was at Warracknabeal and except for 1967, the year of Warracknabeal’s centenary, has been there since. The first Convention camp was in 1944. Meetings were first held in churches in the town until 1959 when all meetings were in the Molly Taylor Kiosk at Anzac Park. By 1968 the Convention and camps had outgrown facilities at Anzac Park and the main Convention meetings were transferred to the Warracknabeal Town Hall. The Convention has come full circle with the 2009 meetings being held in the Warracknabeal Uniting Church (Methodist Church of 1938)